Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sense of accomplishment is mine!

I've done a good number of things with my year end bonus that should put me in a much better position for next year. It feels pretty damn good.

I did the easy things first. I paid my cell phone for a year, totalling $720. Then I paid my water bill for a year, totalling $960. Then I did the really fun one. Have I mentioned how much I like paying bills. I like doing it because it feels good to know I can. The last few months have een very skinny and I've had to even push back a bill by a week or two. I do not like that feeling. I like the payment confirmation screen on my computer much better.

The fun one was the car payment. I have a credit union that is a pain in the posterior of the largest magnitude. Getting payments to them is not very convenient. They let me pay the whole year in advance and pushed my next due date back. I cut a big check for $3,420. I don't owe them a payment until 12/18/08! And, the amount of interest I will accrue is lowered and take look to the right and see how my numbers jumped! I only owe $7,171! That rocks and my net worth went up as well. I'm one happy kid!

The payments totalled $5,100. The rest of the money form the bonus went to paying the rest of the December bills that were due and I held some aside for some work at the house that needs to be done. The prepayment of the bills has dropped my monthly expenses by $445. I'll be working on my annual budget today and tomorrow so I'll be posting that soon so you can see exactly what the effect is. I have breathed a sigh of relief.


Louise said...

what a great way to start the new year! I think it's a great idea to use your bonus that way, I hope I can do something like this next year. Great to see the numbers going down.

nurussadad said...

Happy new year

absolutelytrue said...

Good job! That must have been some bonus!