Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is going to be interesting

Though I'm not certain it won't be annoying.

I have been looking at a good number of other personal finance blogs and it seems that folks partake in getting paid for online surveys and such. I'm new to this but, my gawd, is there a butt load of information out there. A gaggle of sites. Literally. Okay, I have no idea what a gaggle is but it sounds like a lot.

I am going to be benevolent and give a good number of these a try and report back. I am leaning quickly that some are better than others and much easier to use. Some are just down right annoying as hell. I am how to navigate through them easier. For example, I think I just spent 15 minutes entering myself into 385 giveways AFTER I had finished the actual survey I had stopped by to do. I can't tell just yet. I got bored and closed the window. So either I blew a whole dollar or I learned a lesson. Again, I'll let you know. Please hold... (insert elevator music.)

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Ethical Grifter said...

When signing up for sites like these, it's usually best to research for confirmation that they actually pay out. If not, make sure you use a secondary e-mail address to sign up with so that you don't get your mailbox filled with spam.

I'll have a few postings coming up on my site of ones that have payed me, hopefully you'll find some new ones for me to try out as well so we can get some more money rolling in!

Definitely take advantage of the open enrollment for Pinecone Research going on now. Their enrollment period doesn't stay open for long.