Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Did you notice something different when you clicked on over here? Like how I presume you are a return visitor? I'm playing with Adsense! How fun!

I love the amount of comments that are left on this blog for two reasons. They are a great vehicle for communication and that they offer an immense amount of feedback and suggestions. I hope that you find some good tips and ideas here but love that you're willing to share yours as well. One tip I got came from a guy who's blog address I don't even have (but thank you c.crowe!) or I would so link to him and call my my friend. On my previous post about my month-to-date supplemental income earnings it was suggested to put an Adsense banner at the top of the page, above the fold.

My first reaction was, ugh. I have seen some blogs where you need to scroll way down past the fold to get to the meat of the blog. I am not a fan of that. I can't imagine you would be either. That's why we're friends, right? You get me. But, I thought I'd see how it looks and how it works. I just ran over to Adsense and made up a new banner and was shocked at how not ugly it is. It's not awful!

So, here's the challenge. I'm giving it a good run until the end of the month. I'll let you know what changes in income I see on February 1st. I'd love some feedback from you though. What do you think of it? Do you mind it? Do you not even care? Have you had success with similarly placed ads? I'm new to this stuff. I have no idea what I'm doing but will try anything once! I'm learning as I go. I've done a good amount of reading about monetizing but I have to find a blog titled, "Breaking down monetizing Barney style."


Lisa said...

They fit in perfectly with your blog's design and are very unobtrusive!

louise said...

its fine! one hting with adsense is to be prepared to play around with it and you will eventually find or what works for your blog.
often people abandon it without experimenting.
I like watching my adsense money show up in my mortgage account so it's worth it.
Different things work on different blogs, happy to tell you more if you like.

jyackley01 said...

I didn't even notice it. I had to scroll back up to look at it.

Doris said...

Hello Little Dough Girl,

I'm new to your blog and linked to it from "Stock Options". Only read a few of your entries and have to say, interesting how much you reveal.

I live in the Phoenix area (East Valley) and left my engineering career a little over a year ago to solely do full time options trading from home and raise my 2 children.

I'm in the middle of a divorce and doing what I can to salvage the hell my husband has put us financially. Not easy, but I love my kids and options trading!!!

Just wanted to say "Hi!"

Bless you,

billspaced said...

It looks great. I like how adsense is pretty good at getting the context of your blog and matching ads to it.

Here's a plea to all readers: Click on an adsense link once in a while! It's the only way some of us get paid :)

Annie said...

Your adsense blended so well I missed it!! Don't know if that is good or bad, huh?
I really enjoy reading what you write. Keep it up!!