Monday, January 21, 2008

House is empty and I'm behind

I had a houseload of friends the last few days, hence my absence. It is nice and quiet and I have today off. I am going to be doing a good amount of work today researching some new ideas for some extra money and doing some financial planning for the end of the month.

Luckily, my guests were all so happy that I was putting them up that they sprung for groceries for the visit so I don't think overspending happened at all. I kept very close tabs and tried to plan meals and such that weren't elaborate. I pulled my from existing liquor supply and that helped. I need to jump on to my bank site to see how well I did. All part of today's plan.

I am very behind in my goal to make $200 a month in extra income. I'm only at $115.63. However, a friend gave me a great idea last night. I used to make bead jewelry and had big plans to sell it online. Ebay was chock full of similar products and they take a huge cut. She told me about Etsy, which is a site where people can sell handmade items. It's really a great site and she spends a lot of time on it an is certain I could unload some of the stock I've had sitting around for ages there. It was a great hobby and I loved doing it. My new digital camera is up and running so I plan to take a bunch of photos and see of I can get some things up today. Jewelry making made me happy as I'm a creative person by nature. If I find that I can make some money off of it, I may go back to it. It's very relaxing and I need more of that.

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Canadian Saver said...

Good luck with Etsy! It's a neat place, I wish I had a creative talent so I could sell stuff too :-)