Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am my own worst enemy

I am not in a very pleasant mood. I am downright pissed off. I have cost myself $60 plus this month from being a total bonehead. It's really aggravating. I think I have just about undone all I have worked so hard to do this month in one week.

I had two things on autorenew and I failed to realize that. The first was a subscription to classmates.com that I had totally forgotten I even had. See how closely I've been looking at my bank statements? Nice. So that hit this week at $15. I got dinged with an overdraft protection charge of $10 through Bank of America because I just didn't look closely enough. Seeing the recurring issue? Then I got dinged by my electric company because when I entered my banking info in last week, I transposed my bank account number and the payment was refused. What the hell kind of banking mental block do I have?

The last is the worst. I got a lovely little deductionon my Discover from match.com, which I thought I had cancelled last month but didn't. Apparently, in my haste to cancel, I missed the last button that actually cancels you. $34.99 gone. I didn't even want it to begin with. I have effectively wasted $104.97 in the last three months on spiting my ex-boyfriend. This is just rich.

Damn it. I am going to go bang my head on a wall for a good long time. Be back later.

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Sue said...

Oh darlin' in December I paid my mortgage twice.

I'm reeling from it as we speak.