Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh, I am a CHEAP date.

In the interest of having fun without incurring cost, I have taken up hiking. I really used to love it but haven't done it for years and years. After my daughter went to her dad's I headed off to go attack Piestewa Peak. It was one hell of a workout and certainly served it's purpose of being entertaining. There was lots to see. It's the most popular hiking trail in Arizona that's not at the Grand Canyon. I have no real proof of this. I have just declared it so. My right to do this will be explained in the next paragraph. Ready?

It took me a little over an hour and a half to get to the summit and down. I mentioned last week that I went over on my grocery bills because of my need to have a beer after a hike. I got home a litte bit ago. Grabbed the laptop, turned on the Giants/Cowboys game and had my beer. Oh, it is goooooood. But, damn, I'm loopy off one of those. Shush. It's an IPA with 6.5% alcohol volume. This is what happens when you hike and rehydrate with beer, kids. Loopy bloggers. Hense, why I can make random declarations. Like now that my fantasy football league is over, I have decided that Tony Romo is a putz.

My goal last week was that I could buy the beer but that I would ration is wisely. I had a side personal goal to not consume as much liquor this year. So this fits in. My beer rehydration program works well here. It allows me one beer. Anything beyond that and I'm going to be just downright silly. I know I need water and have to switch over in a minute. But, really, a six pack of beer could last me a month. Oh, sweet baby Jesus! I'm a tee-totaller!

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Will said...

Wow, Fast service! LOL! Now I can comment.

I see that Piestewa Peak is the highest point in Phoenix. Can you get to it by walking, or do you need to use wheels? When I lived in San Francisco I was able to walk 5 blocks up the street and then climb a trail to the tallest point in SF. Because it was so accessible to me, I did it several times a week!

I live in Oregon, now but am still an avid hiker. I sometimes go on organized 8 - 15 mile hikes and there are usually people along in their 60's or even 70's. Some are regular hikers and among the fastest in the group. Hiking is great as it is something we can do all our lives.


PS - you will need to now add "hiking" to your profile interests!