Saturday, February 2, 2008

Financial Picture Update

I took some time to update the figures to the right under My Financial Picture. I'm not reallly happy about it. My net worth dropped $3K in January. The biggest factor in this was the hit that my 401(k) has taken since the beginning of the year. I think I've lost about $5K. Not good. I hate the funds we have and hate the Paychex retirement tracking system even more. It's not easy to use at all. We move to a new plan this month and will be going through Ameriprise. Added to that is that the max employr contibution moves fom 1% to 4% of our salary. This is huge. It will add over $3K to my 401(k) this year. Thank God. I am really wanting to get to t he $100K point in retirement savings. The market in general has not done too well so my stock portfolio is down as well. But, I'm still buying and holding.

I am making no headway with the credit cards. My total balance went down by only $100. The finance charges are killing me. In order to help combat that. I am going to break up my monthly Discover card payment into weekly payments and throw anything left over to the cards at the end of the month. This way my daily balance can be whittled down . There is no use in me keeping $50 aside each week in my checking account. I'll send it right to Discover. Hopefully, that will help. I am shooting for a $200 regular payment. I will be putting any supplemental income right to Discover so when checks come in for survey groups, secret shopping, etsy sales, etc. I'll be putting them straight to the card. I'd like to see next month's balance be $5500. That would make me feel better about life.

As always, chant to the tax return gods. I need them to come through for me.


Theo J. said...

How well does the secret shopping, surveys, etc work? Can you recommend some reliable companies?

Hope it goes well for you this month.

The Freebie Diva said...


So did you get your taxes done? Shockingly, DH and I (who get a small return for federal and usually wind up PAYING state) got sizable returns on both! Woo-hoo! May this fortune rub off on you! LOL

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Hey little dough girl, just checking in, glad to see your doing ok, sorry about your 5k... we've all taken hits, its part of the fun.

Entrepreneur Life said...

I just found your blog, I look forward to reading more posts from you

Tradeking Promo said...

Hey, what happend to you? No posts since February!!

dokebi said...

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