Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting a plan together.

Okay, now that I have seen the ugliness (not too pretty eh?) I am really glad to have focus back. I am happy that I am able to make all of my bills and pay the minimum amount on my cards. This is a good thing as I'm not concerned with having anything get behind. My concerns lie in not having much money left over after bills are paid. Something as simple as a doctor's copay could throw things out of whack. That is WAY too close for comfort.

So part of my plan is to go back to trying to make just $5 a day in extra income. I'm going to be pulling form a few areas for this. I had done a few GPT sites in the past and was actually REALLY pleased with the results.

I just signed back up with Inbox Dollars. The sign up bonus is $5 so that worked well. They send you emails and if you read them you get $.02. I know that sounds tiny but you get 2 - 5 a day and it can add up. You can also do surveys there and get $.50 to $1 a survey. This is perfect in getting me to my $5 a day. Also, I just realized you can shop through the site and get cash back on purchases. Very excited about this as back-to-school is going to hit and Old Navy is one of the sites. Cheap back to school clothes for my daughter and cash back! Yea!

The other one I am going back to is Cash Crate. It's another GPT site where I made about $80 a month. Really easy survey site and works much like Inbox Dollars. I've like this one the best as you can set a really low payout of about $20. It does not take that long to get there. I'll post earnings on a weekly basis so I can track my progress.


ebele said...

Wishing you all the very best. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

take good care...

Little Dough Girl said...

Thank you so much! I'm gonna giove it all I've got!

Tom said...

I like your blog.

Don't let so much time go between posting : )