Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Holy falling off the wagon Batman!

I started this blog over a year ago to help me get my finances in order. EPIC FAIL. It started out strong and then fizzles due to major changes at work and the need to focus a significant amount of time there.

Sadly, the repercussion of this horrific economy hit me hard not only at work but in the pocketbook as cuts in pay, lack of bonuses, plummeting of 401K stocks and making ends meet has become a serious issue.

So, I come back here to start all over again. I hope you join me again as I restart my journey. There are a lot of us rebuilding out there and I'd love some help and to be able to help people myself. This week, I'll be checking all of my accounts and updating them on the right so I can see where I am. It's going to be scary, especially as I post how much I have rung up in credit card debt trying to make ends meet and trying to pay that off wihtout a usual year end bonus.

Please come back often. Subscribe in a reader. I promise to be 100% honest, offer insight and give you well crafted (and frequently entertaining) posts. Salud.

1 comment:

f8hasit said...

hey there...as I'm reading through your posts I'm shaking and nodding my head going, "Check. Yup. Correct. Wow. Whoa. Hey!" Pretty much in that order....
...you've got a new follower. Maybe I can keep pace with ya'

Good luck!