Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What works for internet income

I have read a lot of blogs where people want to earn money online. I have tried about every damn site at this point. If you're interested, trust me, you don't want to waste your time on bad sites or wade through a million sites. So here is the 411 to save you some time and get you started.

Paid to Click (PTC) and Get Paid To (GPT) Sites
Inbox Dollars - I love this site. They send you about many emails a day. You get about 1 cent for each email you read by takes two seconds. They also have daily surveys for $.50 and you can do one day. They're pretty short. TIP: let all the emails just accumulate for about three days and then just take 20 minutes and get them all done.

CashCrate - This is still a favorite because of the referral program. I continue to make residual income on referrals. They also have daily surveys that can get you $1.85 a day. I have a plan for August on how I'm going to make money by getting a whole lot more referrals. Come on back later this week for more info on that.

Send Earnings
- Works just like Inbox Dollars, and I love it just as much as they send you a lot of emails. They have the daily surveys, as well. You see how easy it is to get to the $5 a day just doing the daily surveys on some of these sites?

There are a bunch of sites that send you emails and have really low cash out rates. I signed up for a lot of them but the only ones that really seem to work for me and send emails are Hit4Pay, DealsNCash, MatrixMails, Charmed Ideas, and Fishing4Mails. Most of them also have ways for you to log in once a week and check the PTC mails and surf the web to earn for money. Simple here. They send you the emails, you read them and they give you $.01 to $.04 for every one. Join a few of the sites and they'll add up!

Hope that helps. I'll keep you posted on how they work for me and if anything else comes up. But really, it's a quick little bit of money for really no work at all. Think of it as putting your change aside in a jar...

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