Thursday, August 6, 2009

Making money off referrals

I was reading a forum for one of the sites I use for making money online, a survey site, where people were sharing their incomes for the month. One guy was making over $1500 a month. I was floored. It was all referrals.

He would put his Cash Crate referral link everywhere he could - grocery stores, bus stops, you name it. He had whole bunch of people signed up and they referred people and it just grew. Really, Cash Crate does have a pretty damn good referral program - $3 for each person that hits $10. At this guy's level he was making 30% of his 1st line and 20% of his 2nd line. Not bad.

My boyfriend and I were talking about it and I had a really good thought. School is starting very soon and college kids are going back to school. I live in a city with a very large university. So, boyfriend and I are going to make about 500 fliers and put them in every possible location we can find at the university. We figured it would take us an entire day to do it but we wouldn't have to do it that often. Then there's the community colleges that we could do throughout the year.

College kids are perfect to market to because they all want to earn extra money and this is convenient for them. They also will be good at getting friends to sign up. I figure it's worth a shot. If I can get 100 college students to sign up and earn $20 a month on Cash Crate, I will get the easiest $500 a month ever. With over 65,000 kids at the university, 100 should be a good target and very reachable. We're going to get started with that in about two weeks when the school session resumes.


Tom said...

Not a bad approach. I like it. Diversity in this world is key.

Also, you neglected to mention long term investments like stocks, real estate, etc... I wouldn't forget about those.

Also, kudos on the 0% APR card for the balance transfer. Just whatever you do, DO NOT be tempted to use the card you just took the money off of. At least not until the 0% card is paid off, otherwise you end up in much worse shape!

paula said...

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