Friday, December 21, 2007

Uncle Sam is a mother huh huh huh!

I hate him with the white hot passion of a thousand suns! I came in to the office this morning and saw my bonus check. Let's just say that Uncle Sam should have bought me at least two martinis for how bad I got screwed.

Here's how the robbing went down:

We had a "communication disconnect" at work and our new 401k program didn't kick in until May. So I've been playing catch up. I had 20% taken out of the bonus. I had moved from single 4 to single 10 in my witholding to save myself some pain. The breakdown looks like this:

Bonus - $14,580
401k - $2,916
Federal taxes - $2,916
Social Security - $903.96 (This chaps my ass. I will NEVER see my social security.)
Medicare - $211.41
AZ State taxes - $903.96

Total Net Bonus - $6,728.67

Meh. I needed $9,600 to prepay all of my bills including the car. And I need to take my January Mortgage payment out of that to the tune of $2,358. I am officially not in a good place. I need to go scream for a while. I need to find more ways to supplement my income. And soon. Ideas?


kathleenmaher said...

No ideas, sorry. But I want to applaud you. So many people act like money is the ultimate unmentionable and we all blink and wonder how on earth everyone else does it. How do they live the way they do when their jobs are almost the same as ours? Myself, no clue. But I'm glad someone's speaking up. And, I hope someone has kind and practical suggestions for you. No one needs a lecture.

Stormdrane said...

At least you got something. I've recieved one bonus among all the jobs I've had over the years that I've been working. It was for $25, and after taxes, I pocketed $18 of it.

Little Dough Girl said...

Kathleen - Thanks for the kudos! I plan this blog to be shamefully honest. We need to talk in specifics to understand, right?I hope to learn a lot and hopefully pass on some good info too!

Stormdrane - Damn, that hurts.