Saturday, December 22, 2007

Want to know your net worth?

I did. But I was bloody terrified to even think of it. I was reading up on a few blogs tonight when I came upon a post over at 100K Journey. His blog is all about meeting a personal goal and it pointed me to a very cool tool at NetWorthIQ. It takes two seconds to register and input your info and presto chango it spits out a report scarier than Medusa having a bad hair day.

I went over and plugged in all my info and was not happy but not totally disappointed given a divorce and selling and buying a house in a downturned market. I made it public so I could share with you nosy folks. I'll be updating each month. You can check out my starting report by clicking here.

$76K is not a bad place to start. I lost a good amount of money in the divorce because of the real estate market. My ex and I had been the first round of lottery drawings for a new community in the Phoenix area. We got a great deal on our house. We sold out old, 1655 sq. ft home for $350,000 when we had a small $142,000 mortgage. We put the whole proceeds into a 20% down payment on the new 3,100 sq. ft. house ($412,000) and the upgrades ($80,000). Not such a good idea. A year and a half later, it sold for $498,000 which was enough to cover the initial costs but we had a second mortgage (we consolidated debt) and realtor fees. I walked away with $43,000. Would you like to kick me for selling the old house? I'm getting tired of doing it myself.

So my mortgage is higher than I expected and the market is going down, down, down into a ring of fire. My house is worth $10K less than what I bought it for 6 months ago. So, I can see the effects. It just reinforces my plan to pay more down and save more. Sigh.

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